Thursday, 15 April 2010

crafting birds

Just a quick post before I go. The birds and berries design has proven to be popular. Here's the latest one which is destined for a lovely lady who makes her own jewellery. It's made with two holes to become part of a bracelet. I had to simplify the design to fit it into the space but I think it's come out really well.

I'm hoping to be able to post from Cornwall so with a bit of luck and a tailwind on our travels I'll catch you soon!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

peaks and troughs

Now, not to get confused, this isn't the Lake District like the last post but the Peak District, Shutlingsloe and Wildboarclough to be exact. We did a bit of driving over the weekend and it was interesting to compare the two places for they have many similarities but quite a different feel about them. They both have dry stone walls, moorland, rather large hills (although higher in the Lakes) and sheep (to Floss' eternal curiosity) but I've been trying to put my finger on what makes them seem so different. While both stunningly beautiful the Peaks seem somehow more desolate and wild, bleak even sometimes. The Lake District has a quainter, cosier more colourful feel and of course water. Lots of it. And it's just struck me what a difference that makes to me, reflecting the light, sky and mountains. Maybe it's the bracken warming up the Lakeland fells with its lovely shade of rusty orange for half the year. One thing's for sure and is the always the same wherever you go, walkers are a friendly lot, saying hello on passing.

In other news, we are heading off to a land of ocean, cream teas and pasties for a while so I will be pulling the shutters down on my shop for a couple of weeks. When you have been looking forward to something for so long it seems surreal when it is finally upon you. Our first trip away with Floss... I'm sure it will be a challenge but hopefully rewarding too! I stupidly got the dates wrong with regards to the dog bans on the beaches, I am kicking myself for this. So we will be getting up early to visit our favourite haunts (as the bans tend to run from 7am/8am til 7pm/8pm) and also hunting out dog friendly pubs and tearooms. Any suggestions please leave me a comment won't you. I can't wait to see the cottage, it looks beautiful and is tucked away down a lane with views over the ocean just outside St Ives. To hear the waves crashing and smell the coconut scent of the gorse and see the high hedges filled with Spring flowers, it's my idea of heaven.

Monday, 12 April 2010

over ambleside

A few photos from yesterday's hot and sunny visit to Ambleside in the Lakes. After exchanging some trousers bought up here on Mr P's birthday a few days ago (yes, good excuse to come back!) and munching on some lovely sandwiches eaten in the little hideaway courtyard of the Apple Pie Cafe where Floss crunched on ice cubes, we decided on a short but steep walk up to an idyllic little spot called High Sweden Bridge. The views over Windermere, Ambleside and the surrounding fells were stunning, totally worth the effort and Floss enjoyed swimming in the stream under the quaint old packhorse bridge. What gorgeous weather we've been having here for the last week. Let's hope it continues!

Friday, 9 April 2010

dog whistle necklace

More often than not I have a whistle round my neck these days and I thought, why not make it into a proper necklace with beads and a leather cord. So that is just what I did. I have a green whistle too that's waiting with my jars of beads to be matched up. I can see so many possibilities with this! I will have to get busy.

Floss is pretty good at coming back most of the time when you blow the whistle or shout her name. Further and further she runs now she's getting older (11 months now), and if it's twilight then she just goes crazy, sniffing out all the different animals that emerge when the light starts to fade. She's currently lying on her bed, having a dream. Her paws keep twitching and occasionally her tail wags! I like to think she's dreaming about squirrels and chasing sticks.

Look how grown up she is now compared to how she was.

We've recently discovered the joys of having a retractable lead. Walks are so much less stressful now that she has a little bit more freedom when she has to be on the lead. We had a circular walk around the Cheshire plain on bank holiday Monday starting near Beeston castle. You can just see it on the hill there behind the bridge.

Floss made me laugh when a black plastic bag caught in the hedge was fluttering in the breeze like a bird. She stood on her hind legs like this for about a minute trying to figure out what it was, reminding me of a little bear.

We wandered along the towpath for a couple of miles, soaking up the relaxed holiday atmosphere. Then we hurried home for tea with my mum and dad, finishing the walk in record time. I think I must be getting fitter.

Bye for now :-)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

forest finds

All little treasures picked up from the forest floor with the clouds swirling, heavy with rain and the wind whistling through the trees yesterday.

Precious solitude and a walk through my mind as well as the forest. I love the sky as long as it is doing something, anything. Anything but still and grey.

I had fun making compositions, inspired by Margie.

So beautiful for such an evil little thing, made up of these tiny hooks which all pull off and tangle themselves in Floss's fur, driving us both to despair. Exactly what it is designed by nature to do, to spread itself far and wide. I have even got one of the hooks embedded in my index finger. But the beauty is not lost on me, I brought a stem home with five attached to photograph, cursing them by the time we stepped through the door as they had disintegrated and hooked onto my bag, my coat, the car seat, my hat! So careful to put them in the bin rather than the compost. I think they are burdock and I don't want them tormenting me in the garden as well.

I have added a new poll to the sidebar... teatime!
Happy Easter everyone.