Tuesday, 14 December 2004

A Special Delivery

The postman laughed at me earlier when I opened the door wearing P's bright blue fleecy hat. Well, it's cold!

I noticed straight away that he was carrying a brown cardboard package that wouldn't fit through the letterbox and my heart leapt with anticipation.

Yippeee! It had arrived.

Opening it, I felt like I had discovered some ancient rare artifact. It was, as ordered, a very old copy of Ronald Searle's Paris Sketchbook.

There's something really special about old books. I'm not sure what it is. I like wondering who owned it before me and how often they leafed through the yellow pages. Maybe it's because of the difficulty of finding an out-of-print book.

It's fabulous!

Thanks to Danny Gregory's blog which showed a couple of Ronald Searle's drawings in his Dec 10th post. I had never heard of his Paris Sketchbook before that and I'm now a proud owner.

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