Friday, 29 February 2008

my first etsy customer

Yipppeeeeee! I have something to celebrate! A lovely lady has made my week by being my first birdahoy etsy customer!! I am so excited!! At first we had a problem with paypal refusing to let her make the payment but I sorted it out quickly with help from the forums on etsy. It was basically a box that needed unchecking somewhere in the deep dark depths of my paypal account. The forums are brilliant on etsy! Makes the learning curve far less steep! So now the earrings are somewhere in the postal system on their way to their destination. Fingers crossed that it goes smoothly and they arrive safe and sound.

I wondered which (if any! yes I know, more confidence please!) would be sold first and I thought it might be either these or their blue equivalents. Now I will make some more for the shop. I also have some more silvery coloured crystals that I'll be using too. It's so much fun this jewelry making lark!! :-)

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'm off to buy myself a guitar!!!! I am slightly scared at the prospect of the music shop and trying one out when I don't have a clue what I'm looking for or how to know if one is right for me but hopefully my guitar will find me!! I'm definitely going for one with all metal strings, that much I do know, and maybe a sexy cutaway bit but that's just for aesthetic reasons at the moment!! Anyone got any tips on choosing a guitar?

Monday, 25 February 2008

Songs that are poems, poems that are songs – Meme

Thanks for tagging me Ms Gromit! I've just had so much fun trying to decide which songs to choose for this game. There were just so many I could have chosen.

First up is Rosé by The Feeling. I just love the lyrics in this song, they're so clever. When I first heard it I thought it was called Rosie and was about a girl and I think in a way it is. I love this song, plus I don't mind a glass of rosé either!

Rosé by The Feeling

You and your friends

In boxes of ten

Cool to the touch

You warn me so much

The white to your left

The red to your right

Were all that I'd seen

Till I realised the love that I seek

Lies right in-between

I love ya
Especially today

I love your delicate way

The chill in my veins

Relieves me from pain
Again and again
I lose all control
Your taking your toll
And I'm no longer sane
Don't be afraid

The love that I show
is the love that you made
So don't be afraid
'Cos your in control
I'm just your slave

I love ya,
Especially today,
I love your delicate way.

Don't let him put you down

I won't let him put you down
'Cos your as good as the rest
And you're much better dressed
I think pink is my colour

I wont drink from no other

Oh I love ya

Especially today
Especially this way
Oh Ros
I want ya
Believe me this way
I love your delicate way.

The next song I chose is Folk Song by The Sundays because it transports me to another place when I hear it and this is definitely like a poem. One of my favourite songs too.

Folk Song by The Sundays

summer sky and a throat bone dry

and the fields are all gold

dusty lane with a song in my brain

and it stoned me to my soul

I climb higher move towards the fire
.....blaze sun

silver trees and a whispering breeze

are my sight and my sound

the thought of heaven
couldn’t drag me from the path

when I’m wandering here alone

I climb higher move towards the fire
.... so blaze sun

watch until it dies
slow falling from the sky

pale fading sun

Last one although I could play this game all day! The Boatman by The Levellers. This song fills me with warmth every time I hear it. Would love to be able to play this on the guitar. Hopefully going to be learning how soon if I can persuade a friend to teach me! I think I may have to resort to using John Smiths as bribery! It's a long held ambition. :-)

The Boatman by The Levellers

If I could choose the life I please

Then I would be a boatman

On the canals and the rivers free

No hasty words are spoken

My only law is the river breeze

That takes me to the open seas

If I could choose the life I please

Then I would be a boatman

If I could choose the life I please

Then I would be a rover

And if the road was not for me

Then I would choose another

Cross m
ountains and the valleys deep
Where I would take these weary feet

If I could choose the life I please

Then I would be a rover

But these things they're so hard for me

I cannot choose my own destiny

And all the things that I want to see

Are so unclean

Well I wish I could choose the life I please

But I am not a free m
Others rule my destiny

But my will's never broken

I know someday I will be

Everything that I dreamed I'd be

And when I live the life I please

Then I will be a freeman.

I know someday I will be

Everything that I dreamed I'd be

And when I live the life I please

Then I will be a freeman.

And when I live the life I please

Then I will be a freeman.

So I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was filled with trying to re-live my youth by playing on the swings and slides at the local park but don't tell anybody!! ;-) Don't want to be told off in the local newsletter! See you all soon.

Edit*** Completely forgot to pass the tag on so I will just tag anyone reading who wants to play. Go on! It's fun!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Warm and toasty!

Look what I received in the post!!! The naughty cyclist gloves!! Thanks Gromit!!! You are most lovely!! They are the softest, warmest gloves I've ever had the joy of wearing and just in time for this cold snap that we're currently having. I think it was -8 degrees c last night! As you can see I haven't wanted to take them off! They have even come in very useful for keeping my hand warm whilst enjoying a nice glass of g&t in the bar the other night! I am showing them off everywhere. I know they are called cyclist gloves but I haven't actually used them for that yet or for showing my feelings towards other drivers but all in good time!! ;-) Your swap package is almost on it's way gromit. Thanks so much once again. I do love them!

I know I haven't been around for a bit, sorry for that. I kept meaning to post and then something got in the way. Will hopefully be back before the end of the week. Hope you're all having fun! See you again soon. :-)

Friday, 8 February 2008


My silly name for fish! I'm still driving myself crazy looking at the number of views of my earrings on etsy!!! Thanks to everyone who's added me as a favourite seller or favourited one of my items!! Cheers!! You're all lovely!! I'm thinking of adding a linoprint later. I've figured out that the best time to add items is in the early evening here when most of the usa has woken up and we're still awake over here. That's my theory anyway.

Now, please would you go over and see gromit and tell her she must sell her cyclist gloves on etsy. They are just so funny! You will see why when you click on the link. ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend people!! :-D

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I did it!!!

After much deliberation, pondering, wondering, encouragement from lovely people, photo taking, supply gathering and now nervous anxiety I have set up a proper etsy shop!!! I decided to call it birdahoy just like the blog and my username on etsy. Etsy's such a great place. I've been a member for a couple of years now and have bought lots of lovely things from some very creative people. It's a great place to shop for presents too and you can use paypal which is so convenient.

In my shop there are a few pairs of earrings so far and I will keep adding to them along with maybe some lino prints. It's very exciting and scary at the same time! I have to keep stopping myself from going to my shop to see if anything is happening!! It's terrible!!!

The fun bit is naming things... I've been using song titles as inspiration for some of them. These ones are called Ready or Not Earrings!! They're amethyst and glass on sterling silver earwires that I've oxidised again. I just love that rich purple... it seems so long since purple was in vogue, it's nice to see popping up again everywhere.

I went for a beautiful walk at lunchtime to try to stop thinking about etsy for a while. The sun was shining and the birds were singing and everyone I met had a big smile. The sun does that to people doesn't it? Ahhh... I feel so alive at the moment!!

Anyway, I think I will be back here again before the week is up. Bye for now! :-)