Friday, 19 January 2007


Here are some photos of the painting I used for my header (thanks Rob for the kick up the arse!). I have lots of unfinished paintings lying around that I would post if only I could resolve them.

There is a lot of texture in this painting as well as parts which are glossy and parts which are matt. The second photo shows the difference when the light catches the surface a little.

A close up so you can see the use of the text. This is not a collage. The layer with the text is completely transparent.

In other news my running is going well (thanks Si) and I've improved already after 7 sessions! I started out running a third of the distance and walking the rest. Now I'm running more than half. Somehow my overall time is staying the same so I think that means that I run the same speed that I walk!! Still, it gets the heart pumping. Plotting the times into Excel is spurring me on along with my new legs!! It was glorious being out first thing this morning. The sun was coming up over the fields, there were birds singing, rabbits nibbling and squirrels jumping. Made me feel incredibly lucky.

Tuesday, 9 January 2007


Thanks to this post on The Widgets of Beta Blogger I have finally figured out how to change my header. It's a detail from one of my paintings. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Happy new year!!

There's a general feeling of renewal in the air and it's inspired me to do a bit of reorganising around here. I really should re-design my other website. I've been saying it for so long. I think I'll make it an aim for this year along with my list of things:

1. Be able to run for 20 mins like I used to.
2. Start dancing again.
3. Improve my gardening skills and make some plans for the hard landscaping.
4. Be more spiritual.
5. Go for a walk at least once a week on my own.
6. Finish decorating the dining room.
7. Go back down to 8 1/2 stone (if I can get the running going this one should take care of itself).
8. Make more money from my artwork.
9. Make the skirt with the pattern and material that are sitting in the corner waiting.
10. Crochet something using the lovely book my sister and family bought me for Christmas.

Most of these shouldn't be too difficult to achieve but some of them will be tough (like the running) but the more challenging and committment needed, the more satisfying I hope.

Anyone have any tips for starting running?

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

The light was beautiful

We took the little passenger ferry boat from Polruan to Fowey and the light was so intense and beautiful as it bounced off the water. I took as many photos as I could. There are more to see on Flickr if you click on the photo :-)

To be a seagull...