Friday, 1 October 2010

planning a trip

It's all excitment here as we plan a trip to Dorset, somewhere we've never been before. I'm dreaming about Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door and all these other intriguing names of places to go and visit. We'll be staying in a very old, thatched cottage just south of Dorchester so all of Dorset will be within reach to explore. I'm in the middle of making a list of the best beaches, places to eat, pubs (especially dog friendly ones) and interesting places to visit so if you have any suggestions please leave me a comment.

If you've ever wondered how I package up my pebbles there's a great post at Vintage Squirrel with some photos. Thanks Katie! Katie has been making ace bird stencils on the wall of her loo recently and has a dog called Porridge who looks very similar to Floss but I bet isn't half as naughty. Floss snaffled half my lunch off the kitchen worktop yesterday. I only turned my back for a few seconds. That'll teach me to leave anything too near the edge!