Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Wonderful Wales

These are from my sketchbook last month, done when we had a long weekend in Pembrokeshire with some friends (thanks C and B if you read this - we had a fabulous time!). One of the great things about looking back through drawings are the great memories they wash up. Just enough information and emotional triggers to make a painting I think.

That photo of my paintbox (from the last post) was taken on the beach whilst I was doing the bottom sketch. I brought the piece of driftwood it's sitting on home with me with the intention of painting onto it.

I also took a photo of the scene for reference and it's interesting to for me to see which shapes I focused on and made most prominent. I can see that I should have made the central rock darker and the sketch makes it easy for me to see where to crop it for the best composition.

It was my first real visit to Pembrokeshire and I loved it there so much. It's unlike anywhere else I've been in the UK. It reminds me of how Cornwall used to be when I was a child, much quieter than you would expect but all the more lovely for it. There are some really beautiful beaches and it's rich in wildlife. We went on a fantastic boat trip to see seals and sea birds. The puffins were a favourite and were a lot smaller than I thought they'd be.

The sun came out for us too. Just look at that gorgeous turquoise. I can't wait to return. It won't be long... we've planned a camping trip. Hurrah!!

Friday, 26 May 2006

I love my art supplies as much as painting itself. I think I'm addicted to all the tools that go with creating, and the possibilities that lie within them. I love the process more than the outcome. It pushes me to experiment and to try new things.