Wednesday, 10 August 2011

sketchbook honey bee to thank you card


I recently bought myself some new Triplus pens and they have completely changed the way I use my sketchbook. I just love them! I use them for drawing, sketching out ideas, trying designs for pyrography, list making and lots more.

I drew this bee in my sketchbook, the amazing thing about drawing is that you notice and learn so much more about the subject you’re studying. For instance, I never knew that bees had little claw-like feet and such hairy legs!

I scanned my drawing into Photoshop and after a bit of tweaking came up with this which I liked better for what I had in mind.honey-bee-copy-plain-after-

It was one day last week, we were walking Floss and got talking to a man outside his house who owns a chocolate factory (can you imagine how lovely that would be?!). He told us he keeps bees so he can use the honey in his confectionery. I’ve always been interested in beekeeping so asked him lots of questions and then as I was getting round to asking him if he sold the wax (thinking that it would be great to use on my pyrography being so local) he fetched us a jar of honey and wouldn’t take anything in return.honey-bee-thank-you-blog

A thank you card! I hope he likes it.


And to think, that honey might have been made using the flowers from our garden! How ace is that? I’ve never tried local honey before. It doesn’t taste like any honey I’ve tasted before and it’s delicious.


Magic Bean said...

Oh my. That is just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. You are just a teensy bit talented there Mrs Bird Ahoy.
I am thinking that when Mr Wonka starts making honey chocolate bars he will use your fantabulous picture on the chocolate bar wrapper. Ax

Lyn said...

Fantastic. I love the card and the sketch it came from, I am also interested in bee keeping.....but don't like the taste of honey!

Claire said...

What a lovely idea........your bee pic is just great.

I'm sure he will be thrilled with the card.

What a wonderful thing to slip into conversation......."I was just talking with our friend Mr......, you know he owns a chocolate factory"

Claire :}

Thrifty Household said...

To own a chocolate factory & a hive too...if only!?
P.S. Great card!