Sunday, 27 February 2011

painted pebbles

sleepy fox pebble
I got a bit fed up with the dust from engraving pebbles recently and decided to try painting them for a change. So much easier to clean up afterwards! The beautiful piece of wood underneath is a piece of yew branch that my friend cut and sanded for me. It’s so lovely that I’m struggling to take my pyrography pen anywhere near it, although my friend is insisting that’s why he gave it to me. I am ecstatic to have some local wood that has come from a tree surgeon who is very passionate about trees. He always tries to find the best use for every part of the trees he works with (if he can’t save them) and does his best to make sure the wood won’t end up in a landfill in 30 years time by becoming cheap veneered furniture.
painted pebbles collection

Anyway, back to the pebbles… birds and foxes, I think my favourite is the owl. I’ve come to realise that if I draw them straight out onto the pebble without using my sketchbook they have more spontaneity and better lines. All these pebbles are quite tiny and I had to use a very fine brush.
painted pebbles collection 2
Did you hear the good news about the forests?!!! I was so relieved to hear the announcement that after the immense public response our government have decided to drop their plans to sell our public woodland!!!!! How brilliant is that?!!! Thank you so much to everyone who signed the petition or wrote an email. People power really does work!!
old beech tree trunk


Magic Bean said...

I love the little heart. Hope all's good with you. Ax

Anonymous said...

I happily signed the petition and I love the little bird.

Anonymous said...

Yes the u-turn (yew tun may be more fitting!) on the forest sell out is fabulous news, HURRAH! I'm not surprised you can't touch that lovely piece of wood yet, it looks so beautiful without any embellishment but I am know you will do it justice!

Anonymous said...

Same predicament as you have... sometimes wood looks so nice naturally! But I agree with Vintage Squirrel you will do it justice without a doubt!

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl) said...

Hi Lesley! Very happy to meet you (via Twitter). And what a lovely space you have here! Look forward to dropping in regularly. :)

Claire said...

Hey Lesely, your pebble designs are lovely. I too love owls and foxes, they look great.
Nice to have a tree surgeon for a friend and one that is passionate about the trees. That piece of yew he gave you is just beautiful in it's simplicity.
I can't believe the government were thinking of selling off public woodland. I know things a pretty dire financially at the moment, so glad people power has won the day.


MrDSmith said...

These are great!

Oxford Collar said...

I like the fox. Also good quality pics.