Tuesday, 8 February 2005

Ugly Cake

My poor cake.

If being wonky wasn't bad enough I had another disaster when it came to icing it. I followed the directions really carefully but the icing was the consistency of single cream. It just wouldn't stay on the sides of the cake, flowing into puddles on the cake board.

I phoned my sister in a panic. We came to the conclusion that adding more icing sugar might thicken it up.

In the end I had more than twice the amount of icing sugar I was supposed to and it was still too runny! So I resigned myself to the fact that it was a 'special' cake, one of a kind and that I WOULD NOT be taking it to the restaurant.

When the candles had been blown out and everyone finally had a piece there were rave reviews.

So it just goes to show, looks aren't as important as what's on the inside!

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