Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Northwich Library Exhibition November 2005

It was a very long, exhausting but exciting day yesterday. It took us ages to put the 22 paintings up, but finally we got there. The paintings will be up until Nov 30th.

I got to speak to lots of interesting people which was lovely. Especially one older lady who talked to me for about half an hour. She told me that art is her life passion and that her daughter is an artist who lives in Ireland. It was fascinating talking to her. I tried to get her to join the drawing group that I'm setting up and she took a business card with her.

And I've sold a painting already. A lovely lady phoned me last night to say that she wanted Spellbinding Light and maybe another one. I'm very happy!! It makes all the hard work worth it to know that people enjoy my work.

I don't think I've mentioned the drawing group on my blog before. The idea is that a group of people who are interested in drawing (whether beginners or experts) get out and about to different places in Cheshire with their sketchbooks and have a go! It would be a place to share and compare drawings, learn from each other and marvel at the different ways people see things.

If you live in the Cheshire area and are interested then let me know! The more the merrier.

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