Thursday, 1 November 2012

Presenting the new Finch Five Website and blog!

I have finally made the Finch Five website live!!! This is a major achievement for me as it was such a steep learning curve. I had never used Wordpress or the Headway theme before, not to mention messing about with bits of code! It was a lot of fun to do from designing my new logo to creating all the graphics to making my portfolio and finally putting the site together. The site will continue to grow as I add to my portfolio too.
I have a new blog on the website where I intend to write regularly about the things I have previously written about here with patterns and illustrations thrown in to the mix. I hope to do features with my favourite designers and illustrators too and show where my inspiration comes from.
Please do come over and have a look around and don’t forget to bookmark my new Finch Five blog!
I won’t be posting here at bird ahoy anymore. Thank you to everyone who has ever taken the time to read my posts here and an extra special thanks to those who have left comments. Please join me on my onward journey!


Magic Bean said...

Going there.... right now......

driftwood said...

it looks fantastic Lesley x

Anonymous said...

looking forward to finch five and goodbye to Bird Ahoy, it was lovely and such a good name but I am with you all the way. Onwards and Hello! Kx