Thursday, 8 June 2006

Sketching trips with my bike

A couple of weeks ago the weather improved (it's boiling hot today!) so I decided to set my bike up with the handlebar bag that P bought me for my birthday. It's roomy enough for my sketchbook, pens, ink, brushes, pencils etc, my camera, a cereal bar, a few coins for emergencies, my phone (also for emergencies), and a gazillion other pockets for bits and bobs. I was brimming with excitement as I set off on my adventure!

I found that when I wanted to sketch that if I stood with my legs either side of the bike it meant that I could lean my sketchbook on my bag. Perfect! It was all so convenient.

I have a bit of an obsession with the radiomast that sits on the hill above the forest. I'm thinking of sketching and painting it from lots of different places so the scene is always different but will have a common theme. I once knew somebody who rather than walking through the forest decided that he just had to climb the hill to reach it. I think that's what set me off.

This is the sketch I made before I took the photo. I'm looking forward to returning to this field when the barley (?) turns golden brown.

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