Thursday, 15 March 2007

Good things

Good things this week....
  • Organising my clothes in the new wardrobe
  • Blowing the cobwebs away with a refreshing walk along the Sandstone Trail in Manley
  • More linoprinting
  • Noticing that new leaves are sprouting and plants are starting to bloom which can only mean that spring has arrived :-)
  • P surprising me with a lovely bunch of flowers
  • Jamie Oliver's onion soup recipe
  • Watching the buzzards inspect a nesting site in the trees across the dip using an old telescope that belongs to my parents. God knows what the neighbours think!
  • Emails from an old friend
  • A text message from another old friend
  • Serendipity involving garlic bread (a story that's too long for this list)
Writing this list has made me feel rather happy! I will have to do it more often.

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