Wednesday, 5 March 2008

A new discovery (for me)

How gorgeous is Seth Lakeman?!!! I love the really fast bit where his arm is a total blur!

He's doing an outdoor gig at Arley Hall this summer with The Levellers. I'd never heard of him before so thought I would check him out and with my recent new toy, my beloved ipod (which is now surgically attached to me!!), I ended up downloading one of his albums called Freedom Fields. It's brilliant! What a talented man he is!!

On the subject of music, I've yet to get my guitar. Hopefully this weekend. Thanks for all the great advice!! You're all stars! I have printed it out and made notes and I've been doing my research and I feel much more confident about getting the right one now. Thanks! Can't wait to get started!

I've also sold 3 more pairs of earrings!!! It's so exciting. Thank you to 2 readers of this blog! :-) (You know who you are!!)

Have a great day everyone, whatever you're up to!

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Cowboys and Custard said...

This is Fabulous and thanks so much for sharing with us.. I have never heard of this guy before but I am about to find out more by logging on to itunes..
I think this was filmed in a music shop in Bath where I live looking at the background.. I walked through there this morning. Wish Seth had been playing at the time!!!