Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Escaping for a day

Last week it was Mr P's birthday so we got in the car and drove all the way to the island of Anglesey in Wales where we walked miles down a beautiful sandy beach backed with pine trees to the tiny island called Llanddwyn. It's known as lover's island and is one of my favourite places.

We got lashed with rain but as soon as we set foot on the island the sun came out which was just so stunning because everything was illuminated against the dark sky. Soon, as the clouds cleared, we could see Snowdonia across the Menai Straits. Snowdon was covered in snow like you'd expect.

As you can see we took TONS of photos and now I'm having trouble deciding which ones to show you!

Yes that's me taking a photo of Mr P!

We had hoped to make it to this lovely lady's gallery in Beaumaris but ran out of time which was a shame. Hopefully next time.

I know we only went for the day but it really felt as if we'd been on holiday for a couple of days. A change of scenery really does you good sometimes, especially when you're behind on making wedding invitations and they're driving you up the wall!

Anyway, better get back to it! Bye for now.


Gromit said...

Lovely pics Lesley! And you are so right about being away for a day and it makes you feel like you are on holiday! Me and Mr A walk by the river near to where we are and it feels like we is somewhere totally different! We hope to visit Sonwdonia at some stage this year too :o)

louise said...

This place looks like a great place to escape, especially out of season, may get a bit busy in season though being so picturesque. It really does help to recharge the old batteries going away for a day, or two if your lucky! Your photos have sold this place to me, so will try to visit someday. I have had a peek into the lady's gallery in Beaumaris, she produces some lovely artwork. x

Janet said...

Hey there
So sorry you didn't make it, please come next time. We went to LLanddwyn last week too, my favourite place second to the view from minack theatre which I know you also like. So glad you had a good day. Sorry fo not stopping by sooner, busy moving, come for a cup of tea in my blue kitchen next time you visit Anglesey x

sulu-design said...

This post has put Wales higher up on my "must visit" list. Such gorgeous surroundings - sounds like it gave you a much needed break. Now, good luck with those invitations!

Liz said...

Hi Lesley

I just made a treasury on Etsy and you are in it - it's here:

I'm always doing them for the street teams I'm in and I thought I haven't done any for all the people from blog reading etc who I have known for years and years... so I did!

Cowboys and Custard said...

That looks like paradise to me.. and not another soul in sight.. perfect. Beautiful photographs.. I love the light looking towards Snowdonia..


Gromit said...

Hi Lelsey! Just a quickie, have been laying low for a while because of the grief at work, however! Looking into getting mobile broadband soon so watch this space! Will hopefully be back again soon, take care. By the way, how are the wedding preps going?! ;-D

Dragonfly said...

What fabulous photos. I went to Anglesey on a school trip years ago but don't have much memory of it as captured by you.

Steve sculpts critters said...

Ooh, those great pics are making me all nostalgic for my college days in Cornwall.

Fifi Flowers said...

great photos!