Monday, 21 September 2009

fresh air

Autumn days are definitely here. I love the contrast of the slight chill in the air with the hot sun upon my skin.

Is there a more lovely place than the lake district to see the changing of the seasons? The bracken is glowing orange on the mountains now and the clouds mist the top of the peaks.

Floss enjoyed her paddle and thought it most unladylike to go in any deeper than her belly. She is 18 weeks old now and her character grows by the day.

I have another lino print in the works. I had finished one but decided that I didn't like it so it will stay hidden for now. Let's just say that the new one's inspired by one of the furry creatures that visits our garden. Which reminds me, we discovered a hedgehog last night! There seems to be more and more wildlife since we got Floss. I wonder why?

Wishing you lots of cosy Autumn nights with woodburning fires, hot chocolate and cinnamon apple pie. I feel a list coming on!


tania said...

how lovely!
you get away to some wonderful places!
and floss is still so cute-
happy fall!
looking forward to the list!

nadia said...

your travels sound lovely, and Floss seems to be enjoying herself so much - a very harmonious addition!

yay for autumn, i say - it is my favourite of seasons, just beating spring to first place.

I can't wait to see your new lino print, most curious. Just the other day I ordered one of those magic re-healing cutting mats on ebay and am awaiting with excitement for the postman to deliver so i can start pondering this year's Christmas card!

nadia said...

p.s. - APPLE PIEEEEEE!!!! :)

louise said...

You and Floss must have had a great time in the Lake District. Beautiful atmospheric photos. x