Thursday, 12 November 2009

something i'd forgotten

Not far from me is a beautiful
forest. It has been waiting for me to rediscover it all this time. It is full of childhood memories, of sampling sweet chestnuts and kicking leaves.

How co
uld I have forgotten how much I loved it here? Somewhere my imagination can run riot with an endless source of inspiration.

And now in it's magnific
ent Autumn clothes soon to be shed. I had forgotten just how comforting it could be to walk everyday submerged in nature, soaking in all the goodness.

I used
to be under the impression that all the forest looked the same and I'm gladly mistaken. The different places, nooks and wide spaces, lakes and streams, hills and winding paths take me by surprise.
With the eve
r changing light it appears different each time I wander, always trying to lose myself. It's getting increasing difficult as the paths start to fit together like a jigsaw in my mind. But I love it here, it feeds my soul. The gorgeous earthy smells make me happy, walking in the rain is surprisingly good. All thanks to my pup who is becoming a lovely companion.

I have started making earrings again thanks to a lovely customer who made a special request. After our wedding last year when I made all the female guests a pair of earrings as a favour in the final hour, I fell out of love with the process. I'm grateful for the little push, something else I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed. I've also been experimenting with leaves, inspired by the forest, pushing them into polymer clay to capture the texture. What I'd really like to try is PMC, I like the idea of recycled silver. Maybe I will treat myself to a pack and have a play.

Bye for now, have a lovely weekend.


nadia said...

Lesley, I really can't decide which I was most grabbed by - the wonderful photos or the inspirational words. Thanks for sharing your passion for the forest! It sounds and looks a wonderful place!

Really looking forward to more updates on all the ace crafty ideas too.

Do you know Rob Ryan? He opened a fab-looking exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park yesterday, on until February. I won't be able to go I'm sad to say, though from visiting his shop and getting his book I suspect it will be well worth the visit if you get a chance.

Have a good weekend too!

ArtShades said...

Your photos are beautiful and make me want to hurry to my nearest wood before all the leaves have fallen (and when the sun comes out again). I'm glad to hear you are enjoying making earrings again - I love mine you made.

Lesley said...

Nadia, Can't remember if I mentioned this in the email I sent you but I love Rob Ryan's work with a passion! I have a copy of his book and one of his tiles. His work is so lovely and heartfelt. Thanks so much for letting me know about the exhibition, I think we'd just about get away with taking Floss there now, assuming they allow dogs... will find out x

Lesley said...

Sarah, it's put a big smile on my face to hear that you love your earrings still :-) x

this is my patch said...

The combination of lime green and amber in the leaves looks stunning. I always love to walk in the woods too. x