Wednesday, 19 May 2010

ice cream dreams

I thought I would share my favourite image from our holiday in Cornwall, taken in St Ives. I literally took thousands of photos while we were away (I love having a digital camera!) which is why I still haven't posted any up because it is pretty daunting to choose which ones! But I think I might try to group them together into little themes.

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I am now the age that I thought was properly old and grown up when I was a teenager. I thought that by this magic age I would have everything figured out, that I would know everything (ha!). I think that in reality I'm still that same person just in an older body! Well that's just me anyway. For my birthday celebrations I went to see Show of Hands (again!) at Band on the Wall in Manchester's northern quarter. They were brilliant as always and as it was such an intimate venue (standing room only) we got right to the front! The atmosphere was amazing!

Dreams for this year include:
  1. Finding a way to help other people/animals/charities. This has been on my mind a lot recently. It probably wouldn't be worth me doing a sponsorship type event because I don't come into contact with that many people in my day to day existence. I wonder whether it would be possible to set up an etsy shop and donate all the profit to a worthwhile cause? Did anyone see 'blood, sweat and luxuries'? Really shocking and thought provoking!
  2. Reading more. Have you discovered any good books lately?
  3. Getting back to painting again and using up some of the craft supplies I have squirrelled away around my room like lino, sculpey, pastels, stamp making, resin, silver metal clay. Not to mention all the books I have on different crafts.
  4. Working with PMC and learning to solder.
  5. A secret one that I don't want to share at the moment.
  6. Getting Floss a doggy passport and heading across the sea to Brittany. Would probably prefer to go without her but just can't bear the thought of her in kennels.
  7. Lots of summer bbqs, get-togethers, gardening and veg growing.
  8. Finding a haircut that suits me.
  9. Learning how to deal with clutter better. I am a bit of a hoarder.
  10. Making my time with Mr P really special.
  11. Getting fitter and shedding the weight that seems to be creeping on when I'm not paying attention!
  12. Making the most of opportunities that come my way.
I'm sure there are loads more now I've started thinking about it.

Playing frisbee fetch at Marazion.

Bye for now.


Heartful said...

Oh I love St Ives! And there's nothing like making a list for getting things moving!

A good book I've read this year is Brixton Beach by Roma Tearne. Beautiful, moving, sad. I read it months ago but the images and characters are still with me.

Lesley said...

I love books where the characters get under your skin! I will look it up for sure :-) Thanks!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Lesley, I understand the feeling of wanting to help too. I haven't seen the film you mentioned , is it a documentary?
I'm just finishing The Sea by John Banville. He is an exquisite writer, it won the Booker for 2006. I could of finished it last night but I didn't want it to be over quite yet.
If you like short stories, Eudora Weltly writes beautiful ones. She's an American writer from the south.

tree shadow moon said...

Hi Lesley, I love your list so much! It's nice reading inspirational lists, gives you the urge 'to do' as well! In fact (even though these two weeks before me aren't at all the right time) I shall now have a glance at the list I made for over the summer. Some things are already working out differently to how I had planned, but still...

Anyway - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! What a way to celebrate, with 'Show of Hands' lucky you!!! I haven't read anything of late. It's being postponed for the summer. But a book I bought a couple of years ago on the 'to be read' pile is "The Book of Ebenezer Le Page" by G. B. Edwards, which enticed me by the cover image used on the Italian version (though I then bought it in English) of a man carrying a fish on his back which was nearly as big as the man himself. It's about a man on Guernsey who was a fisherman, all about his life (fictional though, I believe). I'm not sure whether I will like it or not, but it had me curious and I found it used on ebay.

ArtShades said...

I met a lady with a lovely dog yesterday who takes him to visit the residents of a local home. She said how they all love to see him and chat to him in a way they cannot seem to manage with people. Perhaps you and Floss could do the same? So many on your list are things that should be on mine!

Lesley said...

Julie, it was a documentary series on tv here. It sent a group of young adults to different places in the 3rd world to live as workers do who produce luxury items for our world, they experienced the jobs, pay and lifestyles. It was quite shocking and really made you think about where goods are coming from and the people who make them.

Julie, Nadia, Thanks for the book suggestions, I will look them up, they all sound very interesting.

Sarah, I love that idea. I have very sad experiences of old folks homes. Floss may be a bit too boisterous at the moment for it but I will think about it for the future. Thanks :-)

Handmade in Israel said...

Happy Birthday! I just celebrated mine too. Seems there's a lot of Taureans out there in the blogging world. Stumbled across your blog through Janet Bell's. Love your stones.. will be visiting again soon

Magic Bean said...

Hello. I have arrived here from Driftwoods blog- it was your little stoney bird which drew me to you. Great post. I too have been trying to read more...just finished a fab book by Rose Tremain- Restoration. Funny and moving, easy compelling read but not trashy. Want to read more of her stuff. Will be back to visit you soon.