Monday, 21 March 2011

lovely aberdovey

aberdovey mosaic blog

Wanderlust led us to Aberdovey on the Snowdonia coast this weekend.

We travelled through the dead of night and found ourselves winding our way up the side of a mountain, bumping over pot holes, around hairpin bends to a little wooden cabin. The moon was so big and bright it lit up the whole of the estuary below and the hills beyond.

The next morning the sun shone as though it was summer and we ate our breakfast outside a cafe wearing our sunglasses and later relaxed in a beer garden overlooking the estuary. The golden sandy beach stretches on for miles, backed by sand dunes and with glorious views we walked and played with Floss, kicking her ball for her to fetch. It was so good to spend some time together.

There is nothing like exploring a new place to refresh your creative spirit.


noelle said...

sounds wonderful, good for you!!!

Anonymous said...

so glad you had a lovely break. I have only been to Wales once and it was to Aberdovey! Close friends used to have a cottage there and when our husbands were out in Kosovo for 6 months, we had a week here with our babies and I have such fond memories of it. I collected some great shells on the beach - did you? Oh, please email me, I have put the brooch aside for you. (mrskwhitson @ aol . com)
Katie x

caravanartist said...

Everyone is talking about the wonderful moon at the weekend - wasn't it lovely. I have a very vague memory of singing a song in primary school called The Bells of Aberdovey and that was in rural Perthshire in the 1960's!

nĂ  said...

Sounds so romantic! And the photos are gorgeous! I think that the next time I bring Mr M back to the UK with me, I'm going to have to ask you for tips of places to visit!
Have fun x

Claire said...

Looks beautiful, an inspiring place to visit.

Claire :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely holiday break - so what creative things has it inspired you to do next?

Anonymous said...

You have SUCH a cute little blog!! I LOVE Aberdovey too, such a gorgeous place to visit =) x

Anonymous said...

Lesley, I have chosen to give you a 'Lieber blog' award because I love your work and your words and your photos!! It's on my blog. Glad you like the loopy brooch too.
Katie x

Cat said...

Wow, look wonderfully relaxing! I need a getaway like this! Now I want some eggs and toast :)

Lyn said...

We have been many times to Aberdovey, it is such a lovely place. Just found your blog through Noelle's blog, added you to my blog roll!