Tuesday, 24 May 2011

old red fox pyrography

old red fox pyrography 3

My latest woodburning.

old red fox pyrography 1

Old Red’s a wily fox who likes nothing more than finding a quiet spot to sunbath. He knows that he’s less likely to be spotted if he follows the edge of the field and in any case, everyone knows that the edge is always the most interesting place to be with all the wild flowers, animals and birds nesting!

old red fox pyrography 2

I have taken to hanging these little circles of English sycamore wood on the wall like mini artworks.

old red fox pyrography 4

There is also a small slice of yew that I’m working on from the timber yard down the road. I’ve decided on a sleeping fox this time. Rumours of a mini festival being organised at the yard centred around wood craft with a barbeque and some live music have caught my interest. Sounds like fun! My friend asked if I’d like to show some of my work so of course I said yes! Better get cracking then!

Bye for now.


Magic Bean said...

Wow. Ax

Anonymous said...

So, when are you putting these on etsy so we can get our paws on them?! Love this piece
Katie x

Jane Cardie said...

That is just so beautiful, I am speechless!

joanne May said...

Beautiful craftsmanship and work.
I am very fond of foxes!
You should put this in etsy and maybe paint some of your designs!
It was lovely to find your blog.

Best wishes,
Jo May.


You're such a talented lady, Lesley! Show us more as you get them prepared! This is really lovely! Well done! x

Anonymous said...

I really like the old red fox, get them on etsy as it would look gorgeous in my forest/wood themed house

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

The fox is wonderful,
and Yes, Lesley, my mother has been to Clovelly, and its somewhere I hope to visit sooner than later!

Ames and Tash said...

These are gorgeous - I will be putting a link on my blog :)

Lynn said...

Your fox is just lovely!

Lesley said...

Thank you all for the encouraging comments x