Thursday, 4 August 2011



A lovely sunny weekend exploring the honey coloured villages and towns of the Cotswolds. I wish I had some photos to show you of the magical cottage gardens we saw. There seems to be a big hollyhock fan club. They were everywhere. There also seems to be lots of old fashioned sweet shops with jars upon jars of goodies. I hope my dentist is not reading this.

Usually before I go away I do loads of research to make sure we’re not missing anything but this time we went without a clue of what we would find and left it all to chance. Very relaxing just wandering on a whim. It turned out that Hidcote was just down the road.


This huge garden is divided in lots of ‘rooms’ all with different characters. The mural below was a big surprise.


It’s hard to tell which is painting and which is part of the structure.

All in all a great weekend and there’s still so much of our fab country that I’ve never been too. Where is your favourite place for a weekend away?


nà from the treehouse said...

Ooh, looks absolutely lovely - and there was Morris too, which is a great weakness of mine, I'll boldly admit! :)
Love the bird-ahoy hedges too! It all looks wonderful!
Favourite weekend away? Hmm, well here in Italy it's probably a drive to Tuscany, which isn't too far away. Have a Tuscan weekend camping coming up soon, actually. If I get any good photos, I'll post about it :)

Lesley said...

Did you notice the beer tankard in his hand? They all had them and it wasn't even 11am! We decided that it was just an excuse for a pubcrawl. Mr P's dad used to be a morris dancer. It must have been a bit hardcore as he had to give up after a groin injury (allegedly!).

I'm taking notes on these weekend away ideas! Have fun camping! I hope you do post about it.

nà from the treehouse said...

Beer tankard at that time?! Ace! Couldn't manage it myself, mind you!
Mr P's Dad a morris dancer?! Fab! What kind of morris?... I'm sad, I know!

Lesley said...

Mmmm... don't know. The costume was mainly white with lots of bells round the legs and I think they had big sticks!

LorraineYoungPottery said...

The outdoor rooms are so inspiring, I want a conservatory added to our next house, I need plants around me all year! I think my ideal place for a weekend away would require some kind of teleport, or magic telephone booth as the winters in New England can't be escaped from so quickly. I just added myself as a follower to your fun blog!