Tuesday, 19 June 2012

first exercise… sketchbook to pattern


So this is my first creative exercise from the Surface Pattern course I’ve signed up for. I’ve already learnt so much from reviewing module 1 yesterday (I’ve dived straight into module 2 because I was too impatient for module 1 to start in August!) Can’t believe how intense this course is already… I’m finding myself completely absorbed by it. Already noticing patterns everywhere!! 

Anyway… for the first exercise I chose to draw the mug on my desk and ended up simplifying it to create a motif (although I was supposed to embellish it). Then after scanning it into the computer I worked it up into a complete pattern. I never thought about creating motifs in this way… it’s a bit of a revelation to me!


Thank you for all the kind comments on my last post. It’s great to be back blogging again!


Anonymous said...

Hi, the course is great isn't it! it's such a shame I have a busy week at 'real'work as I am so inspired and motivated at the moment! I love the simplicity of your pattern, it has a real 70s vibe about it - I love that style.


Magic Bean said...

I love it! Have no idea what you are talking about but think the end result is stunning, Ax

Anonymous said...

Love the colours you have chosen and think a handle would have just muddled your simple shapes. Kx

noelle said...

Great to see you back! Love the pattern, looks like a very interesting course, good luck with it be great to see your progress xx2