Wednesday, 17 November 2004

I think I'm being half empty

I wandered into the Watergate Street Gallery yesterday while I was in Chester. This is the gallery that I proclaimed as the Holy Grail when I began my art business. I remember saying to P 'When I get my work in the Watergate Street Gallery I will know that I've made it.' I liked the gallery because the staff always make an effort to converse with the punters.

I was gazing intently at some watercolours when the owner came over.

'Are you a painter?' he asked.

'How did you guess that?' I was quite surprised.

'Ahhh... because you just look like a creative person'.

The conversation ended with an invite to show him some of my work one Monday when the gallery is quiet.

I almost pooed my pants! And now I'm panicking!! Oh shit! The little voice in my head is now screaming at me... what if he doesn't like your work, what if he rejects it, what if it doesn't sell, what if the commission is really high, what if he doesn't like the framing, what if, what if, what if!!!! Arghhh!

I really need to calm down.

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