Monday, 22 November 2004

Sketchcrawl 2004

I had a fantastic time today participating in Sketchcrawl 2004. Artists all over the world took part in the marathon drawing session.

I got together my sketchbook, a water soluble black ink pen & a brush and I headed off into Chester. I sketched until it went dark. I love it! I sketched from the city walls, the clock on Eastgate St, one of the city gates, I drew the Roman Gardens, the River Dee bridges, The Groves, The Cross where people meet, lots of black and white tudor buildings and one of Chester's famous 'rows'.

I find it very funny when passersby try to look over your shoulder. They're very nosey sometimes, but it's nice when someone tells you you're doing a good job.

I'm going to post my drawings soon. It's interesting looking at other people's drawings of the day. One poor chap (sorry can't remember the name) put his bag down in some dog poo and managed to cover everything with it. Better luck next time.

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