Friday, 28 January 2005

Valentine's Day

So is there any romance out there?

I have banned P from looking at this site for a while so I can tell you what I'm up to.

We've agreed this year that we're not spending much money on presents for Valentine's Day so it's the thought that counts. I've just finished putting together a CD of all the songs that remind me of our relationship from when we first met through to now - it's been great fun. The next thing I'm going to do is make a decorative case for it. I've already made a card using wire and beads. I might post a picture of it after the event.

There is also the Valentine's Ball to look forward to. Richard has hired a Latino band for the night which is a first. It's another black tie event and I can't wait! This probably means buying another dress!!

I'd love to hear any plans anyone has... Can't you just feel the love in the room?!?!!

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