Thursday, 21 April 2005


First up... we spent a day in Gibraltar. Such a surreal place with it's little British touches but still so Spanish at the same time.

The policemen wear British uniforms and they have all the same shops as back home. Their currency is pounds and pence and they have exactly the same rubbish bins as in Chester.

To get into Gibraltar you have to park on the Spanish side of the border (to avoid the horrendous queues on the border). You then walk through passport control and directly across the runway! There are notices on the runway warning 'Don't drop litter! You could cause a fatal accident! Remember it could be you on that plane one day!' After that I wasn't relishing getting back on the plane to go home.

After much protesting, P managed to get me to go in the cable car up to the top of the rock to see the apes which roam around free. Let me tell you, it scared the shit out of me! You can see how high it is and the little box just goes straight up one of the sheer sides. This was a holiday of extreme vertigo on more than one day! The photo shows the view looking back into Spain. If you look the other way you can see the mountains of North Africa which is only 5 miles across the straits.

I made P walk back down to the bottom with me. It took about 2 hours! Sorry P x

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