Thursday, 19 May 2005

Portrait Painting in Stages

I've been asked to paint a portrait as a wedding gift.

Unfortunately this means working from photos rather than having a live person in front of me (which is much easier!). However I'm quite pleased with the progress so far and have been taking photos of each stage of the work so I can post them here.

Other news...

...We have pulled out of negotiations for the purchase of the cottage we had been so excited about after discovering planning for houses on the beautiful fields behind the property which the vendors had conveniently forgotten to tell us about. Very disappointing but a relief in some ways that we found out when we did.

...The robins who had built their nest on our balcony actually excavated a hole in the soil and built up the edges with leaves and moss. It was lovely to watch. The female sucessfully laid 5 eggs and by the time we had come back from Spain they had hatched.

The robins went nuts everytime we tried to sit on the sofa and mind our own business. To be honest it started to get a bit annoying! We felt like we were being bullied out of our own home! We were here first!!

I would have taken some photos but I was scared of P finding me pecked to death on the balcony after work. I was even more worried that the evil magpies who live in the nearby tree would see the commotion and fly down to eat the little fellows.

The babies made the jump off the balcony really early one morning and haven't been seen since.

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