Monday, 9 May 2005


Well I reached a big milestone in my life last week in the glorious city of Rome. The grand old age of 30.

P whisked me away to Rome for my birthday and it is one of the most amazing places I've ever been to. So friendly, crazy and laid back all at the same time. And soooo romantic!

Yes I know this is turning into a bit of a travel blog! I am completely spoilt! But I'm sure these things do affect and influence my artwork so I will blog about them anyway.

Where to start though? We saw and did so much - we took a pedometer with us and each day we both took more than 20,000 steps. 40 miles in a pair of sandals is quite an achievement! And it did mean that we could eat LOTS and LOTS of gelato! Nocciola (hazelnut) was my favourite.

At the Trevi Fountain I turned around and threw a coin over my shoulder into the water to make sure I would return one day.

Ahhh Roma! Te amo!

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