Thursday, 15 November 2007

hurray for blog friends!

Look what the postman delivered before I went away...! Can I just say that it was very difficult to contain myself long enough to pause and take photos whilst I was unwrapping this parcel!!

Lots of italian newspaper...

and some persimons!! Look how beautiful they are! They're such a gorgeous shiny orange. I can't wait for these to ripen so I can eat them!! :-D

I have made some amazing friends through this world of blogging and none more so than the wonderful who picked these especially for me because I'd never tried them before and then sent them all the way from italy to the uk! How amazingly kind is that?!! Nà's life is a complete inspiration to me and if you've never been to her blog then you're missing out big time! Nà takes fantastic photos, is completely in tune with the beautiful part of Italy in which she lives, is incredibly creative, friendly and kind, and is my environmentally-friendly heroine! Anyone who can live without a fridge, especially in a hot country like Italy deserves to be celebrated!

Thanks Nà!! You're a complete star and you totally made my day! I am listening to radio dervish (for the 7th time in a row!!) whilst I am writing this. I am completely in love with it. I haven't even started on the other cd yet! You have completely spoiled me! What an amazing surprise! Thank you!!!

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