Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I did it!!!

After much deliberation, pondering, wondering, encouragement from lovely people, photo taking, supply gathering and now nervous anxiety I have set up a proper etsy shop!!! I decided to call it birdahoy just like the blog and my username on etsy. Etsy's such a great place. I've been a member for a couple of years now and have bought lots of lovely things from some very creative people. It's a great place to shop for presents too and you can use paypal which is so convenient.

In my shop there are a few pairs of earrings so far and I will keep adding to them along with maybe some lino prints. It's very exciting and scary at the same time! I have to keep stopping myself from going to my shop to see if anything is happening!! It's terrible!!!

The fun bit is naming things... I've been using song titles as inspiration for some of them. These ones are called Ready or Not Earrings!! They're amethyst and glass on sterling silver earwires that I've oxidised again. I just love that rich purple... it seems so long since purple was in vogue, it's nice to see popping up again everywhere.

I went for a beautiful walk at lunchtime to try to stop thinking about etsy for a while. The sun was shining and the birds were singing and everyone I met had a big smile. The sun does that to people doesn't it? Ahhh... I feel so alive at the moment!!

Anyway, I think I will be back here again before the week is up. Bye for now! :-)