Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Warm and toasty!

Look what I received in the post!!! The naughty cyclist gloves!! Thanks Gromit!!! You are most lovely!! They are the softest, warmest gloves I've ever had the joy of wearing and just in time for this cold snap that we're currently having. I think it was -8 degrees c last night! As you can see I haven't wanted to take them off! They have even come in very useful for keeping my hand warm whilst enjoying a nice glass of g&t in the bar the other night! I am showing them off everywhere. I know they are called cyclist gloves but I haven't actually used them for that yet or for showing my feelings towards other drivers but all in good time!! ;-) Your swap package is almost on it's way gromit. Thanks so much once again. I do love them!

I know I haven't been around for a bit, sorry for that. I kept meaning to post and then something got in the way. Will hopefully be back before the end of the week. Hope you're all having fun! See you again soon. :-)

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