Wednesday, 10 June 2009

drilled pebbles

Some pebble pendants in progress. I've engraved a little wild strawberry flower on one of them since I took these photos. Sitting on the bench in the garden waiting for inspiration to strike, I looked down at all the tiny wild strawberries and white flowers and went to get my tools. Working on the bench in the sunshine was lovely. You can't beat this time of year.


the heartful blogger said...

Wow, these are absolutely beautiful! Will they be on sale in your etsy shop?

Lesley said...

Thank you so much! :-) I will be putting them in my etsy shop in 2 weeks time. Do you like them plain as they are? Maybe I should start putting a few in the shop and see what happens. Thanks for the idea :-)

the heartful blogger said...

I like them plain and with the simple engravings...lovely!