Tuesday, 28 July 2009

puppy's first walk

So yesterday evening, a week after her final vaccination, Floss had her very first walk. It was a very exciting affair with so much to sniff and explore as we walked down the road to the park. Near the end Floss met an adult dog for the first time (other than her mother of course). It was enormous compared to her, a St Bernard I think! And she rolled over on her back and waved her legs around. I think I would have done the same!! :-)

Do you think she's grown? Each morning she seems to have got longer! I'm sure she's turning into a sausage dog!

In other news I've just discovered spotify. What a revelation! Love it! Currently listening to the first of a million kisses by fairground attraction. Have a good day. Bye for now!


nadia said...

swoon once more! she's so cute! and that walk sounds like so much fun! i wonder if she was on her back waving her legs around in fear or jubilation? i like to think it was jubilation! communicating, "HELLO! you're a dog! i'm a dog too! HELLO! PLAY WITH ME!"
sorry, as you can see the hot sun and crazy summer are messing with my common sense, not that i had much to start with!
btw, my mum just told me that the last week of august is the whitby folk festival! hoorah! i thought you guys might be interested!
nadia x

tania said...

she IS looking a tiny bit bigger! and SOOO adorable!
i just found out about spotify too!! its amazing, but only via my brother in UK since we cant access it in north america- weep!

loving the garden!

Lesley said...

nadia - oh how i'd love to go to the folk festival! and it would be so great to finally meet you! alas with having floss I don't think it will be possible, with her being a pup. are you going?

tania - i think i read somewhere they're working on an american version, would you be able to access that do you think? hopefully you'll get to enjoy it soon. :-)

nadia said...

yup! i can now confirm i'll be going as the b&b was booked today! hoorah! and i'm hoping to pack in staithes and whitby while i'm there. fingers crossed.

if you guys are free and if floss might like the yorkshire sculpture park and is old enough for a day out, then let me know. if not, maybe next time :)

have a good weekend and woof to floss
p.s. - did you know that in italy they say that dogs say "bau" rather than "woof" ...weird, hey?

nadia said...

p.s. i meant staithes and robin hood's bay, not staithes and whitby!

Lesley said...

Bau bau bau!!! I think Floss says "ruff!! ruff!!" will send you an email :-)