Sunday, 5 July 2009

Just me, mr P and a load of wildlife

10 things I love about Pembrokeshire (Wales)
  • the beautiful coast path makes for exhilarating walks, like Cornwall but quieter
  • the colour of the sea when the sun shines (my favourite colour as you might already know!)
  • Morgans in St Davids for fab food that tastes as beautiful as it looks, embellished with flowers
  • the artist Chris Neale, a lovely chap, you can visit his gallery on Thursdays
  • the abundance of wildlife... more about that in a later post
  • peace and quiet if you want it
  • naps on beaches and great places to settle down with a book
  • incredibly friendly and helpful locals
  • campsites that allow campfires (a long held dream of mine... simple pleasures)
  • the Druidstone Hotel... the most eccentric place I've ever eaten!
The most exciting thing ever is happening tomorrow!!!!!! I can't wait to post up about it!!! Until then, have a good start to the week. Bye for now!
p.s. I'm a bit behind with my shop update, apologies if anyone has been to look.


Frilldesign said...

Hello there. I have to laugh I think we have walked the same paths:-) My husband and I were at the Du Maurier festival aswell. Fowey is beautiful, the hall walk at Bodinnick is stunning. I'm glad you ahd a good time. Did you see Will Self?

Lesley said...

Hello! I love it when that happens! :-) Fowey is a lovely place isn't it. We didn't see Will Self, we were just there the one night. Was it good?

tania said...

ooh lovely! my dad was from Wales and i have always wanted to go-

nadia said...

what a lovely break that sounds!!! and looks!! after looking at those photos i am aching to go on holiday somewhere like that. right now!
what's the most exciting thing ever that is happening today??? tell, do tell!
have lots of fun with your excitement, looking forward to the next installment.
p.s. - those robins, they follow you everywhere, they do!