Thursday, 18 March 2010

all by myself... don't wanna be...

I have been playing with this personality test which is based on the Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs typology. I found it particularly interesting because it suggests careers and lists famous people who share the same personality type as yourself.

Your Type is
Strength of the preferences %

I came out as an INFJ and was reading through the description when I got to the bit where it said that INFJ is the rarest personality type, only 2% of the population have it, and suddenly I felt very alone.

Now feeling like a bit of a freak I read on to suitable careers for this personality type - web designer came up (which is closest to the path I have taken and something I'd like to learn more about) along with literature/writing, archaeology and counseling. Some famous people who have/had this type are Nicole Kidman, Robert Burns, Beethoven and Shakespeare. Although how they know that I have no idea! Fascinating! Give it a go and if you come out the same as me please let me know won't you?!
"A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow."
William Shakespeare

P.s. The photos are of Anglesey. This house looking over the beach at Rhosneigr is a holiday let. It was so striking against the blue sky and seemed wildly romantic.


tree shadow moon said...

Lesley, Lesley, your quiz-post pinged up on my computer and was a welcome distraction from ironing (you can picture me, ironing in the kitchen with youtube music on the laptop to keep me company!).

Ironing or quiz? Obviously I had to take the quiz straight away. And I had to tell you the result right away too - don't feel alone, because another member of the 2% of the population is yours truly!!! My percentages were quite different, but still in the same category!!

That was a fun quiz; it advised me that education was an ideal career too ...phew, that's a relief then, don't need to go changing my career plans just yet!

Love the photos and also the friend quote.

A hug of 'don't feel to alone'-ness,
Nadia x

Lesley said...

Yay!!! Hurray!!! That makes me feel so much better! I've always thought you were a kindred spirit! :-)

CrowNology said...

I just did the test. INFP ~ The Healer (1% of population) Oddly accurate too. Strange that a few questions can bring accurate results. I wasn't expecting it.
Thank you for sharing this.
It has actually made me think about some aspects of the troubles I am going through.

Lesley said...

Andrea, that's interesting. So you're only 1 letter different. What do they say... birds of a feather flock together! :-) It was quite scarily accurate for me. I tried it on a couple of people last night and they were both surprised by it too. Glad it's helped you in some way. :-)

tree shadow moon said...

I tried it out on Mr M - he was one letter different as well, but I don't remember which right now. And also in less than 1% of the population.
I found both his and my definitions to be pretty true too!

Lesley said...

I guessed before we did it that Mr P would be different from me! Two letters out. No wonder I drive him crazy sometimes ;-) But it did tell him he was suited to his job!

Did I misread ours when I thought it said 2%? I'm sure it said it was the rarest type.

tree shadow moon said...

No, no, you didn't misread it - we are less than 2%, but I think a few others are even less.

I too was certain that Mr M couldn't possibly be the same one as me, looking at the different answers we gave made me chortle quite a bit!

andamento said...

I've just had a go too, I came out as INTJ and am apparently a rational mastermind, haha! It said we comprised 1% of the population, so all results so far seem somehow to be rare, hmmm.
This description run true though - "although they are highly capable leaders, Masterminds are not at all eager to take command, preferring to stay in the background until others demonstrate their inability to lead"
Interesting, thanks for the link!