Thursday, 1 April 2010

forest finds

All little treasures picked up from the forest floor with the clouds swirling, heavy with rain and the wind whistling through the trees yesterday.

Precious solitude and a walk through my mind as well as the forest. I love the sky as long as it is doing something, anything. Anything but still and grey.

I had fun making compositions, inspired by Margie.

So beautiful for such an evil little thing, made up of these tiny hooks which all pull off and tangle themselves in Floss's fur, driving us both to despair. Exactly what it is designed by nature to do, to spread itself far and wide. I have even got one of the hooks embedded in my index finger. But the beauty is not lost on me, I brought a stem home with five attached to photograph, cursing them by the time we stepped through the door as they had disintegrated and hooked onto my bag, my coat, the car seat, my hat! So careful to put them in the bin rather than the compost. I think they are burdock and I don't want them tormenting me in the garden as well.

I have added a new poll to the sidebar... teatime!
Happy Easter everyone.


tena said...

What pretty little trinkets. I like the variety of colors. That little evil thing looks like a ball of crochet hooks.

I love your description of the sky...I never thought of it, but I also like it to be doing something...

Heartful said...

Absolutely gorgeous finds! I can't believe how beautiful the evil hooky thing is - like a sea urchin with hooks.

By the way, I love your new blog background - I like this one and the green one you had on before. Would you mind sharing where you downloaded it from? Have been trying to find a decent one for mine but most of the ones I've found are so tacky!

Lesley said...

tena, it does look like a ball of crochet hooks doesn't it. It feels more like a ball of fish hooks though.

Heartful, thanks, I can't stop playing with the layout. What you have to do is go into your blogger dashboard, scroll down to the bottom and under 'tools and resources' you'll find 'blogger in draft'. Then when you go into layout you'll see 'template designer' up with the tabs. Loads of different things to play with. Have fun! :-)

Louise said...

I just love the colours of your forest finds, and a nice idea to make a montage of them. My OH often comes home from fishing with those hooky bits stuck all over him, and they don't always come off in the wash! Happy Easter weekend. x

andamento said...


tree shadow moon said...

I was totally certain I'd commented here, but I was wrong!
I too love your background, and am so glad that HB asked about it, as I was going to ask you or her! Teehee!
I love love love the arrangements you made, they're all ever so lovely!
Ah, for the joys of spring!