Thursday, 20 January 2011

silver tea party

teapot necklace blog edited-1

My mum loves tea and always makes it properly in a pot. It is always brought out on a tray with the milk in a little jug and a separate pot of hot water. It is their ritual at least three times a day. I think my mum would stop functioning without her daily cuppa.

So I decided to make a tea necklace. It took me a while to figure out how to construct a teapot from metal clay. I knew if I tried to make it straight from the clay that it would start to dry and crack before I’d finished it because of the short working time. So I made a prototype from polymer clay first. I spent ages getting it just how I wanted it and it was very fiddly being so small. When it was finished I realised that to make life much easier for myself I could make a silicon mould from it to create an exact replica (albeit a slightly smaller one with the shrinkage of the clay when it’s fired). That was a lot of fun! So I made a tea cup too.

polymer clay teapot and cup

The moulds were very easy to work with, the clay popped out without any problems, even with the very thin handles to deal with.

teapot necklace for blog_edited-1

After firing and aging with liver of sulphur it looked like an old, well used teapot and I strung it with some crystals and a magnetic clasp to make it easy to take on and off.

I just wish the price of silver would come down. There are so many things dancing around in my head that I’d like to make but it is so expensive at the moment. I will have to start drawing them out in my sketchbook in preparation.



That's lovely! Lucky your Mum! I bet she's over the moon with it!

Isn't it nice when you think of just the right hand-made gift for important people? It makes making it even more exciting - I was the same with my rings this summer.

According to our silver course tutor, the price of silver (and all metals) will just keep rising - so maybe best to buy now?

nà x

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

so whimsical and beautifully crafted!

Lesley said...

Oh blimey Na, if that's the case I'd better stock up! Thanks for telling me. x

Lesley said...

Thanks Julie x

YorkAvenueStudio said...

Beautiful original design! I enjoy reading about why and how an artist takes on the challenge of a new piece.

My notebook is filling up with future projects, too. Wish metal clay was Buy One Get One Free!

Anonymous said...

It's really fab, Lesley and good fun! What a lot of work and thought went into that - she must love it. We always make tea in a teapot and it just wouldn't taste good if it wasn't. Long live teapots!

Handmade in Israel said...

Adorable! I'm sure Mum loved it!