Thursday, 6 January 2011

silver trinkets

leather necklace blog 1

I wanted to make Mr P a very personal gift so I spent some time thinking about textures and things he loves and holds dear. There is a pair of leather boots that he’s very attached to that I will forever associate with him so I decided to make a texture plate using some polymer clay. I was really pleased with the amount of detail it picked up and transferred to the metal clay. When I aged the fired silver with liver of sulphur and polished it back, the texture really popped out. It was like magic.

leather necklace blog 2

I think Mr P likes it. It’s dangling from his neck as I type.


Anonymous said...

how very smart and manly!

nĂ  said...

It's gorgeous! I'm not surprised he loves it!
Nice to see you back in blogland :)

Magic Bean said...

Very clever and beautifully made, well done you imaginative thing you. Ax

Lesley said...

Thank you all. x