Friday, 17 September 2004


Oh my GOD!! A HUGE spider just jumped out of my water sprayer when I took the top off. I don't know why, but we are removing two or three 4 inch spiders from the flat every day. I can't kill them - what harm have they ever done to me except made me scream - so we take them to the end of the drive, spin them round a few times to disorientate them and let them go. I'm starting to think that they manage to find their way back in. They really do scare the pants off me.

One night at about 3am I noticed that there was a monster of a spider on the floor next to the bed. Being a complete wimp I asked P to get rid of. As he was taking it for a walk I threw my head back down on the pillow and found myself eyeball to eyeball with what looked like the mutant from Arachnophobia. My scream must have woken the entire street up. Ever since then I've found it hard to get to sleep at night.

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