Sunday, 26 September 2004

Powis Castle

P had a day off from his accountancy revision today. The routine's only just begun and it's already a bind, but it really makes me appreciate the time we spend together.

We travelled an hour or so South to Powis Castle over the Welsh border. What a fabulous place! The terraced gardens are so beautiful with amazing views over to the mountains. We sat on a bench in the warm September sunshine and I felt really peaceful. There was a calming serenity that I'll remember every time I'm stressed.

The castle itself was very attractive. Inside the rooms were lavishly decorated with painted ceilings, wood panelling and ornate plasterwork. The library had a hidden door which, from the inside looked like shelves of books. I especially liked the bedrooms with their four-poster beds that still managed to be very cosy. I really could imagine myself living there. It always helps when the N.T. guides are friendly. The veggie soup I had for lunch was very tasty too. What a great day!

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