Thursday, 23 September 2004


That portrait I've just started will have to wait.

I went out with one of my oldest friends last night. We met at the Broken Cross in Northwich who's bar I've not stood at since I left my job last year. It hasn't changed in the slightest and is one of the friendliest pubs I know. Anyway my friend (I'm not sure if I should mention names here although hopefully if you know her you'll recognise her!) has asked for a painting of her family to send to her mum who's just relocated to New Zealand. There will be four figures which is going to be a challenge but who doesn't love a challenge? So I may start posting the progress on this instead. The painting is from a digital image that was taken before her mum left. It's slightly blurry which could make the job more difficult but we'll see how we go.

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