Monday, 11 October 2004

Celebrating Autumn

Recently I've been grumbling a lot about how we always seem to go straight from Summer into Christmas (that's what our local garden centre would have you think). What about Autumn, my second favourite season?

I was excited yesterday when we made the journey to Attingham Park to find a celebration of the humble apple in full swing. There was an apple/cider press where layer upon layer of mulched apples had the juice crushed out of them. They couldn't fill the bottles up fast enough for the queue of people waiting to buy it. Of course it didn't taste anything like the cartons of apple juice from the supermarket, it was in a whole other league. It tasted like apples which was a good start.

There was also a willow weaver, lots of different organic apples and veg, very curious apple leather, and a very enthusiastic story teller for the kids. P couldn't drag me away. I made another apple pie when we got home. It was just as rustic in appearance as the first but tasted much better. I am in full Autumnal swing.

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