Tuesday, 14 June 2005

My mum

My mum had to have an operation yesterday to remove a cataract from her eye. It's a pretty amazing and wonderful thing to be able to do but the though of someone putting a hole in my eyeball makes me really squeamish and freaked out. Mum was incredibly brave and will hopefully be able to see much better in about 6 weeks.

I have done her this little watercolour to cheer her up. It's called 'Things to enjoy when the fog clears' and features her favourite activities.

There's a Woman's Weekly mag, her binoculars, a flower (she loves natural history full stop), the cherished photo she keeps above the piano, Coronation Street on the tv, a menu & a slice of cake at a cafe, one of the grandchildren who's reading, a birdtable and a squirrel on my dad's nuts which we all think is hillarious because he charges off down the garden to either bark like a dog or squirt it with a supersoaker.

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