Friday, 3 June 2005

North Lakes - Day 2

After our strenuous walk on the first day we decided to relax a little with one of the 'easy' walks from the book. It almost finished me off! We walked higher and higher, my legs feeling like dead weights.

At one point we encountered a girl, around 10 years old, screaming at her mother that she WASN'T GOING ANY FURTHER, ESPECIALLY NOT UP THAT MOUNTAIN. That made me feel so much better (and a bit sorry for her) because I looked at the way she was heading and she had a really menacing climb ahead of her! I felt quite spritely after that. You could still hear her from the next peak.

The last part of the walk was along Bassenthwaite Lake and we stopped in this wild flower meadow while I drew Skiddaw and P took arty photos with my camera.

We found a lamb that had managed to get it's head stuck through a wire fence. It had little horns which were acting like barbs when it tried to pull itself out. It was baa-ing pitifully. We really were in the middle of nowhere and pondered our options.

Find the farmer? No chance. Phone the police? They'd probably say it wasn't their problem. Phone the RSPCA? Maybe. Help the lamb ourselves? Let's give it a go.

Aware that the poor little mite was distressed, P climbed over the fence into the adjacent field and walked slowly up. The lamb started struggling a bit but P managed to get one horn out of the fence which it put straight back in. P was ready to give up, thinking the lamb would strangle itself but it calmed down for a moment and P swiftly but gently lifted the wire over its head. The lamb stood there for a second looking at him then it turned and skipped up the field, baa-ing all the way.

P is a hero!! I think the Indiana Jones hat has had an effect.

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