Thursday, 5 April 2007

An artist's date a la Julia Cameron

I decided to take a trip down to our local antiques centre to find another tea cup to draw from for my next lino print. It was very satisfying wandering through the different units looking at all the great treasures. There was a fantastic, old, white birdcage which I almost bought. I just couldn't think where I would put it because it was on the large side and then I heard these three little owls calling out to me and I just couldn't resist. I have been desperately trying to find a real little owl for months but that's another story.

Eventually I found this gorgeous tea cup, saucer and plate. Another Royal Albert set (like my mum's) but a different pattern. I was so pleased to find it and fell in love straight away. I have already started cutting my lino block but have had to put it on hold while I make birthday cakes and the like for my sweetie heart.

I thought I would leave you with these wood anemones (I think) which I found at Anderton Nature Park. Have a great Easter weekend everybody!

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