Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Good things since my last post...

I opened the post yesterday to find this fantastic messenger bag I'd bought from etsy seller thisgalissewcrazy. My old bag I got when I was in Prague is looking a bit worse for wear and I'd been looking for a bag with a pretty pattern. I love the flea market fancy prints but haven't seen them anywhere in the UK. So I'm really pleased with this. Really well made too.

We ate some of the purple sprouting broccoli I've been growing. It was sooo sweet. Really delicious just simply steamed. This has encouraged us to try some more edibles in the garden.

So I'm growing some cherry tomatoes for the first time. They're called Sungold and are supposed to be really sweet. They're racing to the top of the birch twigs I've pushed into their pots to support them. I've read that if you grow marigolds alongside them (photo below) that they're more productive and less prone to attack by aphids. So I'm giving that a go.

I have wild fantasies of a vegetable plot mixed in with flowers, herbs and fruit trees. So far I have plotted it on the computer and there are now canes pushed into the grass where the raised borders will go.

In other news...

I had a brilliant incident of serendipity happen to me. I've been going on to P about starting dancing lessons again. When our local newsletter came there was a big advert for a new dance club that was starting. Such a coincidence that it turned out to be our old teacher. So I filled in the form, signed the cheque and ran over to the clubhouse to enroll (so excited!). A few days later when we were standing in the middle of the crowd waiting for the first lesson to begin there was a general feeling of apprehension in the air. Then the worst thing happened... I was asked to go into the middle several times to help demonstrate different moves! I hate being centre of attention when I'm not prepared for it. Still I don't care if it means I'm dancing again!! Yay!!

It didn't help that I'd just got back from a crazy hen party weekend in Blackpool. I'd only had 4 hours sleep! What a fantastic time we had! I haven't been to Blackpool since my art foundation course when our lecturer took us to take photos of the seedier parts of town. I left my camera behind this time. I think the best thing about Blackpool is definitely the people. Everyone is friendly and people just start a conversation with you as if they'd known you all their lives! We went to Funny Girls, the famous drag queen cabaret club. My god, have they got legs to die for! Kicking them above their heads! Our hen got to have her photo taken with the very glam compere. She looked so tiny stood next to her.

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