Wednesday, 15 April 2009

bird and branch pebble pendant

A crafty post is long overdue so here is my latest carved pebble.

I've been making these for a number of months now and I think it is the natural simplicity of them that appeals to me and that I know their entire journey from start to finish. I love to make jewellery and for a while I was getting frustrated that the things I was making weren't as unique to me as they could be and I wanted to make something more original that would have a strong identity. I suppose I got the idea through carving lino prints and rubber stamps. I started to think about how could I use that process in my jewellery making that would allow me to use my drawings and designs to create something unique. I've been refining my technique and I think and hope I get better with each pebble.

Happy Wednesday to you!


nadia said...

your pebbles are GORGEOUS! they really are, and they have so much character and are neat and simple but magical and natural too! :)
well done!
you are very strong to be able to part with your pebbles - i have a weakness for collecting pebbles, shells and driftwood whenever i get the chance and often want to hang on to them even if that means them filling up ever so many little baskets and boxes!
have a good day :)

Lesley said...

Thank you, I'm all smiles now :-D

I know what you mean about parting with things that remind you of a place or time. I have a collection of stripy pebbles from all different places that I could never part with.

tania said...

i keep meaning to say how much I LOVE these carved pebbles! they are so unique and pretty!

driftwood said...

they're lovely Lesley xx

Lesley said...

Thank you ladies! :-D