Tuesday, 7 April 2009

recipe for major muscle ache

Take some scaffolding planks:
and a heap of stinky soil:
then mix in 4 people, 2 wheelbarrows, lots of hard work and add to this:
to make this:

and four very sore backs!!

I'm very pleased! It turned out that we had about 2 tonnes extra topsoil than we needed but the garden has never looked better. It's been completely transformed by it. All the borders look amazing now the weeds have been covered up! Only joking, we pulled them out first, honest. Now I just need to start sowing veg seeds, oh and a massage! Bye for now!


Leanne said...

That's the best kind of ache - when you can see why you're hurting! Nicely done!!

tania said...

ooh wonderful- can't wait to see what grows here!

louise said...

I am a little green with envy looking at your raised beds, they have been on my wishlist for years. You will be able to grow some wonderful vegetables in them. I can imagine how you ache though, I always feel like Quasimodo after a day in the garden! x

nadia said...

fun!!!! that looks ace! happy planting! have you got any seeds in yet? what? tell! oooh, exciting!!!