Thursday, 15 April 2010

crafting birds

Just a quick post before I go. The birds and berries design has proven to be popular. Here's the latest one which is destined for a lovely lady who makes her own jewellery. It's made with two holes to become part of a bracelet. I had to simplify the design to fit it into the space but I think it's come out really well.

I'm hoping to be able to post from Cornwall so with a bit of luck and a tailwind on our travels I'll catch you soon!


tree shadow moon said...

What a really lovely design!

In the next few days is it okay for you if I post up with a photo of the lovely one that you sent me a few months ago? (sorry, I've been wanting to do it for ages, but am not the most organised person in the world!).

Have a great trip!

n. x

tena said...

So cute! Have a wonderful time! I hope Floss does, too.

noelle said...

Great little design, i love it! Hope you have a great time here in St. Ives!

Lesley said...

Hey Nadia, of course it's alright, I'd be honoured :-)

Thanks Tena, A great time is being had by all :-) And I can officially say that Floss is having the best time ever. I can't believe I'm saying this but she seems to be having a holiday romance!

Noelle, Thanks! St. Ives is such a beautiful place. I love it more each time I visit :-)

jane and the happy crow said...

What a lovely idea, your birds are beautiful. Jane x

Shelley Rodgers said...

Hi Lesley,

just wanted to leave a comment saying how lovely your work is. Came across you via craftgawker - which I have also recently discovered too!

Will be following to keep an eye on your future creations!


Sue said...

Found you via Andamento. What beautiful work! I love your stone jewellery, so simple and so beautiful.

Sue x

Lesley said...

Hello Jane, Shelley and Sue! Thank you for dropping by and thanks for the kind words :-) x