Sunday, 6 February 2011

green deep woods

deep woods woodburning 1

Here is my latest offering… a piece of sycamore burned with a bird in the rain. I changed the wire ‘nib’ on the wood burning machine for this one. It has a sort of spoon shape and is good for shading.

The woods are on my mind a lot at the moment. On Wednesday the government, after a heated debate followed by a divided vote and then a further vote behind locked doors, finally opted to go ahead and sell our public forests and woodland. This isn’t the end of the road though, as the Save Our Woods campaign journey will carry on to the House of Lords and the House of Commons. You can still sign the petition here… it will make a difference. Over 450,000 people have now added their names! During the debate a number of conservative MPs also expressed concern about the amount of letters they were receiving from their constituents… write to your MP here. It’s made very easy for you and only takes a few minutes depending on how much you want to add.


Anonymous said...

what a horrid time you are having south of the border - selling off the forests is just so WRONG. Love your wee woodland scenes - when are you putting them on etsy?

April said...

Oh I love the "DEEP WOODS" These pieces are just so enchanting!!! I am sorry about your woods and hope you will Win the fight!!!Don't you just love those "Behind Doors" votes???!!!!! URRRgggggg....Unfortunatley those have become popular in the USA as well...makes me so mad!!!!!
But...Yes..I wood also love a piece of your magic..will these be on Etsy?

driftwood said...

ooooh these are soooo lovely x

Anonymous said...

I love these you are doing they look sooo natural! Can't believe about the forests, will go and put my name on the petition now! ;-D Thank you for all your comments on me blog btw you are all so thoughtful x

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

This is a beautiful piece.
I wish I could sign the petition.
Seems like selling the soul of a country when the woods could be built upon and then the ultimate horror of trees coming down.

Lucyeats said...

Wow your items look fabulous! Are we allowed to sign the petition even though we don't live in the uk?

Lesley said...

Thanks for asking if I will be putting the woodburnings on Etsy. Maybe, but I can't decide how much they should be because they take so long to do. I will do a few more first I think.

I don't think you can sign the petition if you're not a UK resident... but I will find out.